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Anyone who has ever visited the Scott Polar Research Institute (Cambridge, UK) knows how many books have been published on the Antarctic, its fauna, the oceans, early exploration... New titles keep on coming, and the number of DVD titles is increasing, too. On these review pages I have listed and commented many titles that are worthwhile or commonly available, so others can benefit from it. Depending on where you are living, some titles may not be available in local shops, but can be found in second hand bookstores or on internet. I do not quote selling prices and only occasionally indicate where the title can be purchased from - this information is too much subject to change.

Obviously, this overview of books and DVD's does not strive to be complete. But if you know about a good book or a splendid DVD that you do not find here, and you want me to review it, then get in touch with me via the contact page.

Classification score

My penguin score ranges from 1 to 5 and expresses my personal opinion of the book I read or the DVD I viewed. Occasionally I quote a title without having been able to review it myself in this case I the rating is pending. I do mention these titles since I expect them to be of interest.

What these Chinstrap Penguins mean

Skip. Not worth purchasing, reading or viewing.
Nice for the 'completists' only.
A good title, be it not the best one of its kind.
Recommended! Absolutely of interest.
Classic work, so obligatory for those interested in the subject. These titles are the best of their kind because of the details, exceptional film, or other qualities.

Books on Antarctica

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DVD's on Antarctica

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